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Let me lead you on a path to peace, love and happiness.

Something beautiful is on the horizon.

Hi! My name is Christine Kopsachilis, and I am a dedicated certified relationship coach specializing in empowering women to navigate life challenges and rebuild their lives and relationships after divorce. My mission is to guide women toward a path to positive life changes, brighter days, and their happily ever after. I believe that everyone deserves to live a more awake, happy, and beautiful life.


By combining various coaching techniques, I created an intuitive approach to help my clients achieve personal development and self-awareness.  This enables me to support you through all phases of relationships - most importantly, the one with yourself. I am observant of my clients needs, maintain strict confidentiality, use substantive techniques, and am calculated to achieve results. Whether you are looking to rediscover yourself, rebuild your confidence, or prepare for new relationships, I'm here to support you every step of the way.  Let's work together to create the fulfilling, joyful life you deserve. There is a beautiful, bright life after divorce, and I am here to help you discover it.  If you are curious to learn more, feel free to contact me with any questions and learn how to reach your full potential.

I live on charming Long Island, NY.  When I am not coaching, you can find me boating or relaxing on the beach at Fire Island.

To schedule a discovery call,
send me an email.

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Christine Kopsachilis

Certified Relationship Coach

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Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful too

~ Beau Taplin

If you are interested and have questions or would like to schedule a free discovery call. Click the email link below.

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